Taiwan 2007


I know Taiwan is a little off the beaten path for North American divers, so let me explain. I had been working on a project in Taichung, Taiwan, and finished a couple of days early. I had heard about great diving at Green Island, so decided to spend a couple of days there, rather than return home early. After all, my beautiful wife was expecting me home on a certain date.....

So, I got the high speed train from Taichung to Taipei. Then a taxi to the domestic airport. Then a (delayed due to weather) flight to Taitung and ended up getting a taxi driver, who did not speak English, to get me a hotel for the night. Then the next morning I got another (non English speaking) taxi to drive me to the Ferry terminal. Tickets were purchased and I made it to Green Island. All I had with me was the cellphone number for "Vero" who was the highly recommended divemaster at a dive shop on the island.

The problem was, I could not find a telephone to call her. Luckily for me, the people there are very friendly. A real nice girl on her scooter stopped and asked if I was ok and could she help. I explained my situation, and she went and got her cellphone. In no time at all Vero arrived in the pick-up truck and transported me to the dive shop.


I got to do three shore dives that first day.




Lots of Humpback Unicornfish & Moorish Idols

GongGuan Harbor

About 50 Clownfish at "Clownfish alley". Keeltail Needlefish.

General rock

Clownfish. Several nudibranches.


I had dinner at a local restaurant, and spend the night at the diveshop bunkhouse. Then Typhoon Sepat decided it was time to start rolling, and I needed to get off the island the next morning.  Vero changed all my ferry and return flight bookings.


Green029_Snow_Vero1.jpg (71952 bytes)
I was diving with  these guys in
GongGuan Village. My first dive was
with Snow as my buddy and
Vero was the leader.
Green034_Dive1.jpg (68570 bytes)
Next my buddy was Alsa. She is temporarily
working at the dive shop in exchange for
free food, room and diving. Both these girls
were great and spoke super English.
Green047_bunkhouse1.jpg (47853 bytes)
I spent the night in the bunkhouse.
I chose a bunk next to the power outlet
so I could have the fan blowing
directly on me all night.


Green058_Vero_Alsa1.jpg (46765 bytes)
Vero and Alsa. 
What nice Girls they are.
Green068_Entry1.jpg (68836 bytes)
This was our entry point  for
General rock.
Green_Pete_Vero.jpg (440639 bytes)
Pete & Vero at the
Blue Safari dive Center


I was diving with Blue Safari Diving Center.
I would highly recommend them.
They also have a picture album on Flickr.