CoCo View - Roatan - 2010


In September 2010 we went to CoCo View resort on the island of Roatan, Honduras. We had only heard good things about CoCo View and we would have to concur. This place is all about diving, diving and more diving. In fact, diving is unlimited by the resort.

I thought the only downside is there was no evening life. By 9PM everybody had gone to bed. Upside was you could get up real early in the morning and go for a dive before breakfast.

The way it works is simple. They take the boat out in the morning at 08:30 and you dive a more remote location. You then enjoy the surface interval on the boat. Next, on the way back to the resort they will drop you off at either Coco View wall, Newman's Wall or the Prince Albert shipwreck. From these locations you can find your own way back to the resort (Easy but take a compass).

This is repeated at 14:00 that afternoon.

Unlimited tanks are also provided on site. So, if you get up early you can do a shore dive before breakfast. If you don't want to go on the boat, you can do as many or as few shore dives as you desire. Night dives? No problem - just do it.

They have a sign out / sign in procedures for night dives. Solo diving seems to be permitted, indeed they were dropping solo divers off the boat.

Nitrox is available.

All meals are buffet style - plenty of food - just go help yourself. Friday dinner was Surf & Turf - Steak and Lobster.... oh my!

Anyway enough waffle..... Here are the pictures..


Banded Coral Shrimp.JPG (3233369 bytes)
Banded Coral Shrimp


Big Crab.JPG (2642976 bytes)


Brown Garden Eel 1.JPG (2370752 bytes)
Brown Garden Eel


Flamingo Tonge.JPG (1191539 bytes)
Flamingo Tounge


Flounder.JPG (2384392 bytes)


Golden Moray Eel.JPG (2786322 bytes)
Golden Moray Eel


Great Baraccuda.JPG (3271019 bytes)
Great Barracuda


Green Moral Eel 1.JPG (2378678 bytes)
Green Moray Eel


Green Moray Swimming.JPG (2914173 bytes)
Green Moray Eel


Grey Angelfish.JPG (2752370 bytes)
Grey Angelfish


Harlequin Bass.JPG (2901435 bytes)
Harlequin Bass


Hermit Crab.JPG (2490217 bytes)
Hermit Crab


Indigo Hamlet.JPG (3056476 bytes)
Indigo Hamlet


Juvenille Franch Angel.JPG (2265003 bytes)
Juvenile French Angelfish


Lionfish.JPG (3066706 bytes)


Lobster 1.JPG (3207451 bytes)


Lobster 2.JPG (3442340 bytes)


Nurse Shark.JPG (3364116 bytes)
Nurse Shark


Orange Seahorse 1.JPG (3232499 bytes)


Orange Seahorse 2.JPG (3209684 bytes)


Parrotfish.JPG (2465336 bytes)


Queen Angelfish.JPG (2846677 bytes)
Queen Angelfish


Rock Beauty.JPG (1123434 bytes)
Rock Beauty


Slender Filefish.JPG (2791756 bytes)
Slender Filefish


Small Black Seahorse.JPG (3128848 bytes)
Baby Seahorse


Small Octopus 1.JPG (2684150 bytes)
Small Octopus


Small Octopus 2.JPG (2764784 bytes)
Small Octopus


Smooth Trunkfish.JPG (2936587 bytes)
Smooth Trunkfish


Soap Fish.JPG (3325564 bytes)
Soap Fish


Spotted Drum.JPG (3470888 bytes)
Spotted Drum


Spotted Drum Juvenile.JPG (3267512 bytes)
Juvenile Spotted Drum


Spotted Eagle Ray 1.JPG (2136774 bytes)
Spotted Eagle Ray


Trumpet Fish.JPG (3007079 bytes)
Trumpet Fish


Tube Worms.JPG (2647203 bytes)
Tube Worms


Upside Down Jellyfish.JPG (2503855 bytes)
Upside-Down Jellyfish


Whitespotted Moral Eel.JPG (2949596 bytes)
Whitespotted Moray Eel


Yellowhead Jawfish.JPG (3216258 bytes)
Yellowhead Jawfish


Yellowtail Snapper.JPG (2912001 bytes)
Yellowtail Snapper


Toadfish.jpg (115879 bytes)


Bristle Worm.jpg (126801 bytes)
Bristle Worm


Lettuice Leaf Slug.jpg (140824 bytes)
Lettuce Leaf Slug
Lauri 1.JPG (2247735 bytes)
Pete 1.JPG (2240552 bytes)


Jorge & Eddie.jpg (62109 bytes)
Jorge (Captain)
Eddie (Divemaster)
CoCo View 1.jpg (62568 bytes)
CoCo View


Gear Storage to Boat.jpg (75969 bytes)
Distance from Boat to
Gear Storage Rooms


Dive Boat.jpg (69134 bytes)
Dive Boat


Dive Shop.jpg (86905 bytes)
Dive Shop


Lauri Birthday001.jpg (71946 bytes)
Lauri's Birthday
on the Dive Boat
Jennys Lusty Lizard.jpg (81301 bytes)
Lauri's Birthday at
Jennys Lusty Lizard
Bar & Restaurant.jpg (72669 bytes)
Bar & Restaurant
Room 13.jpg (84681 bytes)
Room 13


The weather was not too good, this was caused by the aftermath of Hurricane Nicole.

However, another good reason to go on a dive trip like this is making new friends.

We met Maury, Rebecca, Lucy and Mike.