Our Red Sea Trip


Pete & Lauri  went to Sharm El Sheikh in September 2004. It is on the East side of the Sinai Peninsular, in Egypt. We stayed at the "Sonesta Club" Hotel (OK but not the best location for diving). The Sonesta Club was chosen because we booked a package holiday with Thompson Holidays - a well-known English tour operator. We have no pictures of the hotel as it was pretty unremarkable. We did eat in the hotel most nights as we could not be bothered to get a taxi back into town.

The main purpose of this holiday was to dive in the Red Sea, with the second goal of visiting the Pyramids at Giza. We got to do both and had a wonderful time.We dived with  Camel Divers. We chose them because of recommendations on the various bulletin boards. We were not disappointed - Camel were first class - we had a real good time with them. They had big boats with very few divers, so there was plenty of room to stretch out. If we were to go back there, I would look at staying at the Camel Hotel next time. They also have the camel Bar on site - a great hangout after the diving - there is even an Indian Restaurant - Heaven !!!.

Sharm El Sheikh is a new town. It was built in the last 15 years, so it has no historical significance whatsoever. It was built purely as a tourist town. There is a main street which is the main road running around the Sinai Peninsular. On either side of this road they have built hotels which form the town. Workers here come from all over Egypt. They work here for a month, then go and visit their families for a week. There are no local families, all workers come to town during their work periods.

During the first week of September I wore a 2.2mm shorty wetsuit. This was warm enough for me. Lauri wore a 3mm full suit and that was good for her. I logged the water temp at 81F on most dives with about 100 foot visibility. Awesome.

The Camel boats were all large boats with about 8 or 9 divers on each boat. This meant there was plenty of room to lay out on the surface intervals. The boat rides were quite long - so a 2 or 3 tank trip would take from 8AM until 5PM. For an extra fee, an fantastic buffet lunch was fresh cooked on board.


Here are our pictures...


Egypt 00.jpg (78365 bytes)
Lauri at the Camel Dive


Egypt 01.jpg (88293 bytes)
Pete at the Camel Dive


Egypt 02.jpg (73950 bytes)
Camel Dive


Egypt 03.jpg (76644 bytes)
Camel Divers


Egypt 04.jpg (65231 bytes)
Julie & Julie


Egypt 05.jpg (82870 bytes)
Sharm El Sheikh


Egypt 06.jpg (72390 bytes)
Dive Boats


Egypt 07.jpg (71720 bytes)
Our First Dive


Egypt 08.jpg (85649 bytes)
Lauri on the boat


Egypt 09.jpg (131751 bytes)
Hurghada Starfish


Egypt 10.jpg (108252 bytes)
Coral Grouper


Egypt 11.jpg (103706 bytes)
Giant Clam


Egypt 12.jpg (65503 bytes)
Christmas Tree Worm


Egypt 13.jpg (116736 bytes)


Egypt 14.jpg (102994 bytes)


Egypt 15.jpg (116311 bytes)
Giant Clam


Egypt 16.jpg (106384 bytes)
Masked Butterfly Fish


Egypt 17.jpg (121135 bytes)
Raspberry Coral


Egypt 18.jpg (86191 bytes)
Blackside Hawkfish


Egypt 19.jpg (61241 bytes)


Egypt 20.jpg (95700 bytes)


Egypt 21.jpg (80055 bytes)
Soft Corals


Egypt 22.jpg (114602 bytes)
Soft Corals


Egypt 23.jpg (116059 bytes)


Egypt 24.jpg (95817 bytes)
Emperor Angelfish


Egypt 25.jpg (90380 bytes)


Egypt 26.jpg (46059 bytes)
School of Jacks


Egypt 27.jpg (67172 bytes)


Egypt 28.jpg (126592 bytes)


Egypt 29.jpg (105689 bytes)
Masked Pufferfish


Egypt 30.jpg (77395 bytes)
Red Sea Bannerfish


Egypt 31.jpg (119511 bytes)
Egypt 32.jpg (30589 bytes)


Egypt 33.jpg (145138 bytes)
Raspberry Coral


Egypt 34.jpg (146459 bytes)
Giant Clam


Egypt 35.jpg (81811 bytes)
Giant Clam


Egypt 36.jpg (117457 bytes)
Cornet Fish


Egypt 37.jpg (90096 bytes)
Fan Coral


Egypt 38.jpg (87702 bytes)
Fan Coral


Egypt 39.jpg (65234 bytes)
Propeller of the
Thistlegorm Wreck


Egypt 40.jpg (97653 bytes)
Winch on the Deck


Egypt 99.jpg (84341 bytes)
Railway Engine


Egypt 41.jpg (86552 bytes)
Railway Engine


Egypt 42.jpg (51159 bytes)


Egypt 43.jpg (78906 bytes)


Egypt 44.jpg (113777 bytes)


Egypt 45.jpg (63329 bytes)


Egypt 46.jpg (95836 bytes)


Egypt 47.jpg (97894 bytes)
BSA Motor Cycles


Egypt 48.jpg (95716 bytes)
BSA Motor Cycle


Egypt 49.jpg (100862 bytes)
BSA Motor Cycles


Egypt 50.jpg (81069 bytes)
BSA Motor Cycles


Egypt 51.jpg (71773 bytes)


Egypt 52.jpg (105370 bytes)


Egypt 53.jpg (46713 bytes)


Egypt 54.jpg (98622 bytes)
Pack of Rifles


Egypt 55.jpg (115907 bytes)


Egypt 56.jpg (96646 bytes)


Egypt 57.jpg (105734 bytes)
Crockodile Fish


Egypt 58.jpg (90686 bytes)
Blue Spotted Stingray


Egypt 59.jpg (60591 bytes)
Yolanda Reef


Egypt 60.jpg (69377 bytes)
Baths on Yolanda
Egypt 61.jpg (73892 bytes)
The Toilet Dive


Egypt 62.jpg (61410 bytes)


Egypt 63.jpg (76293 bytes)
The Captains BMW


Egypt 64.jpg (118522 bytes)
Blue Spotted Stringray


Egypt 65.jpg (108566 bytes)
Greasy Grouper


Egypt 66.jpg (115593 bytes)
Greasy Grouper


Egypt 67.jpg (159657 bytes)
Coral Grouper


Egypt 68.jpg (107082 bytes)


Egypt 69.jpg (52184 bytes)
Manta Ray


Egypt 70.jpg (33496 bytes)
Manta Ray


Egypt 71.jpg (85776 bytes)


Egypt 72.jpg (109233 bytes)
Forster Hawkfish


Egypt 73.jpg (58044 bytes)
Bristly Puffer


Egypt 74.jpg (117194 bytes)
Bristly Puffer


Egypt 75.jpg (70838 bytes)
Ras um Sid Lighthouse


Egypt 76.jpg (87377 bytes)
Roving Coral Grouper


Egypt 77.jpg (167447 bytes)
Giant Pufferfish


Egypt 78.jpg (128543 bytes)
Arothron Stellatus


Egypt 79.jpg (107238 bytes)
Moray Eel


Egypt 80.jpg (123967 bytes)
Moray Eel


Egypt 81.jpg (82352 bytes)
Yellow Boxfish


Egypt 82.jpg (99878 bytes)
Yellow Boxfish


Egypt 83.jpg (117257 bytes)


Egypt 84.jpg (110009 bytes)


Egypt 85.jpg (101206 bytes)
Red Sea Bannerfish


Egypt 86.jpg (113707 bytes)


Egypt 87.jpg (113827 bytes)


Egypt 88.jpg (108524 bytes)


Egypt 89.jpg (69731 bytes)
Red Sea Anemonefish


Egypt 90.jpg (85642 bytes)


Egypt 91.jpg (130957 bytes)
Steep Headed Parrotfish


Egypt 92.jpg (103208 bytes)
Whitespotted Unicornfish


Egypt 93.jpg (135024 bytes)
Masked Pufferfish


Egypt 94.jpg (111648 bytes)
Blue Spotted Stingray


Egypt 95.jpg (117046 bytes)
Bigeye Emperor
Egypt 96.jpg (119176 bytes)
Fire Coral
Egypt 97.jpg (114610 bytes)
Arabian Grouper
Egypt 98.jpg (123138 bytes)
Scrawled Filefish


The End