Maldive Islands 2008


The Maldive Islands are a group of Coral Atolls located South / South-West of India.

Back in 1975/1976 I (Pete) was here with the Royal Air Force at RAF Gan. Gan is the most southerly island in the Maldives and is at the southern tip of Addu Atoll. It is just south of the equator. MAP HERE

What really interested me is that the former Sergeants Mess in now a hotel called Equator Village. It's not a luxury place, rated at three stars. However, it is clean, friendly and down-to-earth. Nothing pretentious, but basic accommodation, fine food and the best staff and guests you could ever meet anywhere. The rooms have no TV or phone. There is only one tap, so the sink has cool water only. There is an electric heater to provide hot showers. The rooms do have air conditioning though. 

Power is 240V through a UK style outlet

I was not planning on going to the Maldive Islands for a couple more years, but there were some compelling reasons for going sooner rather than later. The main reason is that some new hotel resorts are being built in Addu Atoll, which I think will impact the scuba diving and also the feel of the Atoll. So, I wanted to go to see how things have changed in over 30 years, but go before the major developments come online. One of the new resorts is Shangri-La.

The final part of the puzzle of how to get there is that the British travel company Cosmos started doing package tours to the Equator Village hotel. We used air miles to get to London, then the Cosmos package for the flights to Gan and the Hotel arrangements.

I know you are bored reading this already so here are a few pictures.

Aircraft_0111.jpg (47308 bytes) Hotel_Lobby11.jpg (72341 bytes) Pool11.jpg (74070 bytes)
This is how we got from Male to Gan


Equator Village Lobby Hotel Pool
Rooms11.jpg (122625 bytes) Fruit_Bat_0111.jpg (107399 bytes) Fruit_Bat_0211.jpg (25609 bytes)
Hotel Rooms


I remember the fruit bats Fruit bat flying
Lizzard_0311.jpg (44756 bytes) Tern_0111.jpg (81459 bytes) Frog11.jpg (144290 bytes)


Terns Frog
Pete_Memorial11.jpg (102649 bytes) Sunset_0311.jpg (47685 bytes) Equator_Village_01.jpg (75347 bytes)
Memorial on Gan Sunset Dining Room



Equator village has one massive advantage over every other resort in the Maldives. Because the British, when they were here, built bridges (Causeways) between the islands on the west side of the Atoll - You are allowed to travel up the roads into the local villages. The all-inclusive package at the hotel includes the use of bicycles, so we were able to explore at our leisure. This was great for us. The old airfield at Gan is now an international airport so we are not allowed on the airfield or to the southern side of the island.


Dhoni211.jpg (55140 bytes) Fisherman_0111.jpg (26591 bytes) Girls_0211.jpg (73131 bytes)


Local Fisherman Girls going to School
Hassan_House_0111.jpg (96857 bytes) House.jpg (109617 bytes) Mosque_0311.jpg (54751 bytes)
House House Mosque


Village1.jpg (100921 bytes) Fisherman_02.jpg (98658 bytes) Main_Street.jpg (81306 bytes)
Village Street Fisherman Main Street



Okay, I know you came to this page to look at scuba diving stuff. We dived with Diverland Gan. Now, we are used to doing four dives a day, so I was initially disappointed to find we would only be doing two dives a day here. The daily routine was this:- After breakfast we would meet at the diveshop at 08:30, get our gear ready and have the briefing and depart about 09:00. Most dive sites were about an hour away by boat. So, we would dive one dive and be back at equator village around mid-day. In the afternoon we would meet at 14:00 and repeat the same timetable. The sunset was about 18:00 so I also did a couple of night dives starting at 18:30. Most dives were an hour so slightly more.

So here we go.....


Dive_Briefing11.jpg (47492 bytes) Bleekers_Pufferfish11.jpg (94439 bytes) British_Loyalty_0411.jpg (64261 bytes)
Dive Briefing


Bleekers Pufferfish Pete on the British Loyalty
Circular_Batfish_0111.jpg (73419 bytes) Clownfish_1111.jpg (97862 bytes) Clownfish_1411.jpg (57202 bytes)
Circular Batfish


Clownfish Clownfish
Clownfish_2211.jpg (73213 bytes) Clownfish_2711.jpg (75156 bytes) Crown_of_Thorns11.jpg (113700 bytes)


Clownfish Crown of Thorns Starfish
Cube_Trunkfish11.jpg (133530 bytes) Diveboat_1111.jpg (74147 bytes) Eel_or_Snake11.jpg (96754 bytes)
Cube Trunkfish


On the diveboat Eel
Eel_Shrimp11.jpg (96564 bytes) Emperor_Angelfish_1111.jpg (81017 bytes) Feather_Star_0211.jpg (86915 bytes)


Emperor Angelfish Feather Star
Fish_2111.jpg (95112 bytes) Fish_2311.jpg (90417 bytes) Fish_3411.jpg (88599 bytes)
Bignose Unicornfish


Fish Fish
Lauri_staghorn11.jpg (92821 bytes) Leaf_Fish_2111.jpg (79135 bytes) Leaf_Fish_2311.jpg (93472 bytes)
Lauri over Staghorn Coral Leaf Scorpionfish


Leaf Scorpionfish
Lionfish_0211.jpg (108783 bytes) Maldivian_Sponge_Sea_Slug_0211.jpg (87129 bytes) Manta_0111.jpg (37093 bytes)


Maldivian Sponge Sea Slug Manta Ray
Manta_2111.jpg (35497 bytes) Manta_2211.jpg (28585 bytes) Manta_2311.jpg (33251 bytes)
Manta Ray


Manta Ray Manta Ray
Manta_2611.jpg (27632 bytes) Moray_0311.jpg (123630 bytes) Napolean_2111.jpg (22258 bytes)
Manta Ray


Moray Eel Napoleon
Nudibranch_1311.jpg (101563 bytes) Nudibranch_3211.jpg (100126 bytes) Nudibranch_3511.jpg (114990 bytes)


Nudibranch Nudibranch
Nurse_Shark_3111.jpg (65261 bytes) Oriental_Sweetlips_1111.jpg (98197 bytes) Parrotfish_2111.jpg (101655 bytes)
Nurse Shark Oriental Sweetlips Parrotfish


Peacock_Rock_Cod11.jpg (121845 bytes) Pincushion_Star_2111.jpg (98022 bytes) Pipefish_0211.jpg (93525 bytes)
Peacock Rock Cod Pincushion Starfish Pipefish


Puffer_2111.jpg (74006 bytes) Royal_angelfish11.jpg (63727 bytes) Scorpionfish_3111.jpg (130905 bytes)


Royal angelfish Scorpionfish
Spotted_Eagle_Ray_2111.jpg (45794 bytes) Spotted_Eagle_Rays_2111.jpg (54079 bytes) Spotted_Eagle_Rays_2211.jpg (51888 bytes)
Spotted Eagle Ray


Spotted Eagle Rays Spotted Eagle Rays
Tangs_0111.jpg (60585 bytes) Titan_Triggerfish_1211.jpg (106167 bytes) Turtle_2111.jpg (75817 bytes)


Clown Triggerfish Turtle
Whitespotted_Puffer_2111.jpg (89171 bytes) Worm_0211.jpg (98571 bytes) Wrasse_0211.jpg (54597 bytes)
Whitespotted Puffer Worm Seacucumber Freckled Hawkfish



Of course, the BEST thing about any dive trip is making new friends, like these.....


Pete_Stefan1.jpg (55868 bytes) Ade_Ali1.jpg (66327 bytes) Pete_Lenka_Radek1.jpg (70531 bytes)
Pete & Stefan


Ade & Ali


Pete, Lenka & Radek


Mausoom1.jpg (69175 bytes) Axel_Hassan1.jpg (67645 bytes) Hassan1.jpg (50992 bytes)
Mausoom, Stefan & Pete


Axel & Hassan Hassan - our lifesaver

I hope you enjoyed visiting this page