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SCUBA diving is something that has always fascinated me. I remember as a kid being amazed watching Jacques Cousteau and the crew of his ship - the Calypso - on TV. I guess that is what planted the seed of scuba diving in my brain. In England I never had (or never made) the opportunity to go diving. I guess its a combination of the poorer economy in the UK and the fact that the water inland and around the coast is cold and dark.
However, if I lived in England now, I would buy a drysuit and be diving year-round.

Now in Texas the barriers that I perceived are removed, and I got PADI open water certified in 2001.  To say I love diving is an understatement. Some of the local lakes have diving available and this is great to practice skills and to just have some fun getting wet. However the visibility can be very poor and this takes away some (or all) of the enjoyment. Living in the southern United States we are very fortunate to live very close to some great scuba diving. The nearest great destination is Cozumel, Mexico, which boasts a huge Barrier Reef and offers some world class diving. Its also reasonably affordable. We check the travel section of the local paper for bargains. Diving costs about $75 for two tanks from a boat.



  Would I recommend SCUBA diving to anyone else?

You bet!!! Its great fun. All the divers I have met are good people - and there is a great team spirit with them.

Are SCUBA divers a bunch of whacko's? carpediem.jpg (124177 bytes) Click picture to judge for yourself

First Carpe Diem Group

As a Divemaster, I have worked with quite a few students. It has been great fun working with them,
and I have had the honor to meet some super people this way.

I am Nitrox certified with both PADI and NASE
I am also drysuit certified with PADI.

The rest of my family are Rescue and Nitrox certified with PADI.


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