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g4dvp-1.jpg (219194 bytes) This was my first ever QSL card.
I was a member of the Royal Air Force
Amateur Radio Society, RAFARS, and
these cards were available to members.
vs9mph-1.jpg (170758 bytes) During 1975 / 1976 I was posted to
RAF Gan, in the Maldive Islands.
I was not very active from here,
but the lucky few will have my QSL.
g4dvp-2.jpg (112872 bytes) From about 1979-1985 I was at RAF
Binbrook on the North-East coast. It
was from here that my interest in CW
DX really got started
g4dvp-3.jpg (159398 bytes) I used up all those cards quickly so decided
to look for something else. This card
appealed to my sense of humor and is a
favorite of mine.
g4dvp-4.jpg (552143 bytes) I tried to get more printed but the original
printer could not be found. I was living in
Weston-super-Mare at the time, and got
a local printer to produce these for me.
ac5hr-1.jpg (152152 bytes) I got my first American call in April, 1996.
I was in a hurry to get some cards and
chose this one. I still have a lot left as I was
not very active this year.
n5kd-1.jpg (199813 bytes) Once I became more active I decided that
my first call was not too nice on CW. I
decided to get a CW friendly vanity call,
and this was my first card.
n5kd-2.jpg (218953 bytes) I decided I really wanted a nice photo QSL
card showing a picture of Dallas. This is
what I came up with. Its still my favorite card.
The back has equipment already printed on it,
and room to confirm two QSO's.
n5kd-3.jpg (122554 bytes) I decided my shack had too much factory
built equipment in it. So I built the superb
Elecraft K2 transceiver. AS it was built from
a kit, I thought the "Monkeying Around with
Components" was very appropriate.
n5kd-4.jpg (106442 bytes) This was my next QSL card. Its also a
photograph of downtown Dallas. It is
photographed across the trinity river.
Its not normally like this, the river was
flooded at the time the picture was taken.
N5KDQSL 2012.jpg (3469865 bytes) I designed this QSL card at the beginning 
of 2012. Its a seahorse that I photographed
in Roatan, Honduras during 2010.
I wanted something that would combine my
radio and scuba hobbies.
QSL_2016.jpg (50011 bytes) From November 2016 the ARRL have raised
the outgoing QSL bureau costs a lot - so I
decided to use GlobalQSL instead.
This is my first card using their service.