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Welcome to the N5KD
Amateur Radio Pages



I am a CW operator who likes to work DX

= Morse Code

DX = Distant Exchange


But... I also love ragchewing...



   My Location



 CQ Zone:- 04  ITU Zone:- 07  Locator:- EM12PU  County:- Dallas



   My DXCC statistics:


N5KD - CW DXCC Countries

Worked Accredited Needed Challenge
341 340 / 336 Crozet Island
North Korea
Prince Edward & Marion Island



Most Recent New Countries Worked:-

N3KS/KP5 - Desecheo

YU6AO - Montenegro

VU7RG - Lakshadweep

FJ/OH2AM - St Barthelemy

All the new PJ entities

SV2ASP/A - Mount Athos

FT5ZM - Amsterdam Island

K1N - Navassa Island

Z6 - Kosovo

Thanks Guys

VU4NRO - Andaman

K7C - Kure Atoll

3Y0C - Peter First Island

KH8SI - Swains Island

BS7H - Scarborough Reef

9X0R - Rwanda

ST0R - Southern Sudan

VK0EK - Heard Island



   Club and Society Memberships:


Dallas Amateur Radio Club

I am a member
of these Clubs
and Societies.

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Member #1864
Radio Society of Great Britain American Radio Relay League



   Why I like CW:

I think much of the pleasure of CW is that it is an art as much as a technical mode for transferring information over radio. Once we lose the art element of CW operating we will have lost the very soul of our beloved mode of communications. Along with the art tends to come a degree of respect for, and courtesy to, those also engaged in CW operating.

The self satisfaction from having mastered this skill is so rewarding.

   See DX  Spots Right Here:




   Current Solar Conditions:



Propagation tutor by AE4RV HERE

   My Recent Activity - Number of QSOs:



N5KD Activity 2015


N5KD Activity 2016


N5KD activity 2017 - Conditions getting worse
and the development of the FT8 digital mode

N5KD activity 2018

   Fact of the Day / Technical





   The End:





Tnx G1FON / DL7MV for this image
It is not the class of license that the Amateur holds,
but the class of the Amateur that holds the license.

In days of old, when ops were bold and sidebands not invented
The word would pass by pounding brass, and all were well contented.