N5KD over the Years...



vs9mph-1.jpg (94146 bytes) I was first licensed as G4DVP in Feb 1975. I can not find any pictures from that early. However, I was active later in 1975 / 1976 from the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean. This is the best photo I can find. It is me operating from the club station VS9MB, using my own call VS9MPH. I appear to have some strange growth in my right hand.


G4DVP_1980.jpg (52504 bytes)

This was my station as G4DVP around 1979. It's the earliest shack photo I can find. I have a KW109 Supermatch, Yaesu FT101B, FT221 and homebrew linear amplifier. I have a Samson Keyer with built-in paddle. The amplifier had a pair of Eimac 4CX350A valves with a very noisy fan.

G4DVP_2001.jpg (43188 bytes) I think this was around 1983. I was still in the Royal Air Force (RAF) at the time. I used a Homebrew Accukeyer, Weston PM2000 power meter, KW109 Supermatch, Speaker, Rotator, PSU, Yaesu FL2100Z, FT901DM, Kenwood TS830S and a Yaesu FT225RD on 2mtrs.

G4DVP_1994.jpg (49883 bytes) I think this was about 1984. FL2100Z, TS830S, FT726R, Homebrew Accukeyer with Bencher paddle.
I love my haircut.

G4DVP_1996.jpg (48358 bytes) I tried to get the best station I could afford before kids arrived. I had an Icom IC735 (great radio - purchased in Singapore), Yaesu FT726R, Kenwood TS850SAT, Heatherlite Amplifier (pair of Eimac 3-500Z valves - gave a cool 400 Watts to my vertical). 

G4DVP_14001.jpg (40293 bytes) David and Sarah at my station - about 1992. How can children raised like this be anything less than perfect? 

G4DVP_2004.jpg (67431 bytes) My station about 1994. I was now divorced at the time and space was at a premium. My radio's were set up in the corner of David's bedroom. It was the only space I had. I used a vertical mounted on the gable end of the house or a 33 foot end fed wire stuck down the garden.

This shows my first PC. It was a Dell 286 running at 8MHz and upgraded to 1MB of memory. It had a whopping 40MB hard drive. (I did not start computer logging until May 2002 when I started with Logger by K4CY).


august_1996.jpg (76907 bytes) August 1996. This was all the Amateur Radio equipment I bought over from England. It was a TS850S running 100 Watts to a Cushcraft R7000 vertical antenna. This setup worked, but it was very hard to crack any pile-ups. I used the KAM plus TNC for the packet cluster.


january_1997.jpg (72358 bytes) January 1997. Lauri bought me a wattmeter for Christmas. I bought myself the matching speaker for the TS850S. I managed to sneak the laptop from its normal hidden position onto the top of the chest of drawers. Still using the vertical.


july_1997.jpg (66036 bytes) April 1997. I just got home from Texas Towers (our local radio dealer). They had a beautiful Heathkit SB220 they were selling on commission. I just had to buy it. It is in perfect condition. Now, I found running a KW into the vertical was great. I could work almost anything I heard. I worked about 250 countries in 3 years with this set up. Only problem was the R7000 could not handle the power on 40Mtrs, and kept burning out traps. I threw it away and bought a Hy-Gain AV-640 vertical. Much better.


july_1999.jpg (80790 bytes) July 1999. We moved house. I bought a used FT1000MP, and an old Collins KWM2 for nostalgic reasons. Still using the AV-640 vertical and having lots of fun on the bands.


may_2000.jpg (81339 bytes) May 2000. I added the 30L-1 linear to the collins set up. The Collins is beautiful gear, but I don't use it very often. I'm really a CW operator, and the Collins is more SSB equipment. I'm still using the vertical.


june_2000.jpg (56388 bytes) June 2000. You notice the Rotator controller. That means the Force 12 C3 beam went up last month. Thanks to Jack, W5SVZ for his encouragement and assistance in getting the beam up. Think I'm ready for the Pile-ups now.


january_2004.jpg (109205 bytes) January 2004. I sold the Collins gear (Lack of use) and used the cash to buy a Henry 2KD-5 linear. This is connected to the TS850S, The SB220 is connected to the FT1000MP. This gives me two 1KW stations. Total backup. I built some extra shelving to hold the smaller stuff. Now using the computer for logging etc. I got a Logikey K3 keyer for Christmas which works very well with the Schurr Paddle. Using Logger32 for the general logging program.



N5KD_2009.JPG (513668 bytes) May 2009. Now 2008 was a tough year on the stock market. I lost my job in December. In 2009 I found a new job, and to celebrate, I bought the Elecraft K3 I had been lusting after for ages. Now using 100% Begali keys and the K1EL winkeyer. So, main station is K3 to the Henry, and backup station is the TS850S to the SB220. Yeah!!!


N5KD_2018.jpg (2780644 bytes) November 2017. When my friend Bob, K5AY, passed away, I purchased the K3S and KPA500 from his estate.
I added the IC7300 on black friday 2017 as it appeared to be such a fun radio. It is, and I'm having a blast with it.
So, main station is K3S to KPA500. Backup station is K3 to Henry. Fun station is the IC7300.
The backup K3 is also controlling a remote station using the RemoteRig pair.