Some well-known Amateurs N5KD has met...


9V1YC.jpg (29660 bytes)

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James Brooks, 9V1YC.
I met James in Singapore several times.
He is a super nice guy and is known for his DX videos.
He was inducted into CQ DX hall of fame, 2003.

The first picture was in 1989 and the second in 2008.
We have not changed a bit !!!
OK.... maybe a little....

VK9NS.jpg (31327 bytes)
Jim Smith, VK9NS, A52JS, P29JS, ex G3HSR.
ON4UN.jpg (24576 bytes) John Devoldere, ON4UN. The "Low Band" expert.
OH2BH.jpg (31232 bytes) Martti Lane, OH2BH.
G3SWH.jpg (6215287 bytes) Phil Whitchurch, G3SWH / AD5YS.
He was QSL manager for D68C,
& has done many DXpeditions on his own.
RA3AUU.jpg (57550 bytes) Harry, RA3AUU - Phil, G3SWH
Pete, G4DVP (Me) - Andy, G4OJH
VP6TC.jpg (79586 bytes) Tom Christian, VP6TC, with his Daughter, Sheri
G3RJV.jpg (78972 bytes) Rev. George Dobbs, G3RVJ
"Mr QRP" in England.
G2FIX.jpg (78138 bytes) Bert Newman, G2FIX.
He was the RAFARS net controller for many years.
I have more pictures from 1978 HERE.
G5YN.jpg (102247 bytes) Sir Evan Yorke Nepean, G5YN.
For more information on Evan, Click Here.
W5SVZ.jpg (192453 bytes) Jack McElwain, W5SVZ.
Jack was a very good friend. SK 2006.
He had DXCC Honor Roll using CW only
and was QSL manager for Mario, FY5YE.
RK3DT.jpg (57215 bytes) Alex Sinchukov, RK3DT / XW3DT / NM5A.
I had the pleasure of a shack visit by Alex on 6th
March, 2004. It was very interesting to learn about
Amateur Radio in Russia.
G3LHJ.jpg (83168 bytes) Derrick Webber, G3LHJ.
I have been friends with Derrick for many years.
He is a well-known FOC member, QRP operator and DXer.
K4UEE_N5KD.jpg (56809 bytes) Bob Alphrin, K4UEE.
Bob is a super nice guy. I liked him as soon as I met him.
He is one of the major DXpeditioners of our time. 
Bob also makes DX videos. HERE.
Hon_Texans.jpg (62948 bytes) At Hamcom 2005, the LSDXA boys decided to create
some "Honory Texans". 
The ceremony was conducted by Rev Herb Blair, K5AT, of
The First Texas Self Righteous Church of the Holy Smoke
(We do Bar-B-Que).
Here he is with Roger - ON6WU, John - ON4UN,
Wayne Mills, N7NG (Mr DXCC) and me.
4S7AB.jpg (46879 bytes) Kamal Edirisinghe, 4S7AB.
Kamal came to the Lone Star DX Association meeting in
October 2005. He has a great homepage HERE.
VU4NRO.jpg (61353 bytes) Ms.Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI, and her husband came to the
Lone Star DX Association meeting after their VU4
Dxpedition. It was great to meet them.
NC1L.jpg (69197 bytes)
Bill Moore, NC1L. I met Bill at Hamcom 2007.
Bill was the DXCC manager for ARRL before his
untimely passing in October 2016.
W0GJ.jpg (58537 bytes) I also met Dr Glen Johnson, W0GJ, and his wife KL7YL
at Hamcom 2007. He gave a great talk about VU7RG.
Glen has been on many DXpeditions.
HB9TSO.jpg (65468 bytes) Rolf, HB9TSO was here in February 2008.
It was great chatting with him. He is a pilot - very interesting guy.
WA0MHJ.JPG (5956149 bytes) Mark, WA0MHJ came here during CQWW Contest 2012.
He is a contester. I am not. It was great to see him operate.
I2RTF_N5KD.jpg (7047481 bytes) Here I am with Piero Begali, I2RTF.
The man behind the Begali range of Keys.
N5KA N5KD KR5V AK5X.jpg (165170 bytes) This was at Hamcom in June 2013.
We are Richard K5NA, Pete N5KD, Mori KR5V and Bill AK5X.
Sadly, Mori went silent key in July.
Nigel & Roger.jpg (959500 bytes) I had the pleasure to meet Nigel & Roger, G3TXF & G3SXW
in November 2013 at Milton Keynes, near London.
Both real nice Gentlemen.
G7VJR.jpg (2769706 bytes) I had the pleasure to meet Michael , G7VJR in June 2017
at Harrogate, northern England. Mike is the author of the
superb ClubLog website. All DXers are indebted to him.
We had lots to talk about.