N5KD Station Equipment   (with Serial Numbers)

(All pictures are Thumbnails)

Main Station

Transceiver Elecraft K3 3231
Transceiver Elecraft K3 8880
Amplifier Henry 2KD-5 44-341
Power Supply Kenwood PS52 31100042
Paddle Begali Sculpture 032
Keyer K1EL Winkeyer USB
Amplifier Heathkit SB220
Power Supply Kenwood PS52 80300001
Keyer Idiom Press K-3
Rotator M2 (Orion) RC 2800P-A
Beam Antenna Force 12 C3-D
Vertical Antenna Hy-Gain AV680
Hand Key Bencher BY1 003762
Bug Key Vibroplex Chrome Original 61942
Power / SWR Meter Welz SP600 600911
Computer Home Made i7 @ 4GHZ. 8GB RAM
Monitor Asus VH198 - 20" LED A8LM1Z098384


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Main Station

Backup Station



Backup Rig

Transceiver Icom IC706Mk2G 13425
Auto Tuner LDG AT-7000
Power Supply Kenwood PS53 30700103
Speaker MFJ 280
Paddle Elecraft Hexkey E089
Paddle Bencher BY-1 Black 141539


QRP Station

Transceiver Elecraft K2 1522


k2.jpg (358634 bytes) sb220.jpg (364089 bytes)

K2. Superb Radio. QRP

SB220. Not QRP.


VHF / UHF Station

Transceiver Yaesu FT5100 5D470660
Antenna Diamond Vertical
Power Supply Kenwood PS53 51000028
Scanner AOR 3000A 029491


henry15m.jpg (363710 bytes) henry10m.jpg (344364 bytes)

When I got the Henry it only
covered 80 - 15 Mtrs.

This is after I modified it to
cover 80 - 10 Mtrs.