Pete & Lauri at Work



Pete worked in the Semiconductor Industry as an Equipment Engineer for 22 years. In December 2008, the economy caught up with him, and he found himself out of work.

He will be going back to that industry in October 2010....
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Pete also worked as a technician in a printing works. This picture Pete by one of the printers used to produce checkbooks.

(English spelling is chequebooks).

This printer is an Imaggia, made by Delphax.
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Local Radio Amateurs do not like the word WORK - after all it is a four-lettered word.
Its often referred to as "The P O E" for "Place Of Employment" or "Place Of Enjoyment".


Lauri is a Registered Nurse. She has worked at the same Dallas Hospital for quite a while.  She is the Shift Manager, or "Charge Nurse". Lauri used to do mainly Oncology (Cancer) treatments, but now most oncology is done as an out-patient procedure. Her ward is now more general nursing.
She looks so cute dressed in her Scrubs.

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Lauri had her picture taken in the baby unit at the hospital.
This picture has been used in several adverts,
including this one for the Discovery Channel.
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