Skydiving is something Pete has always wanted to do. The adrenaline rush is just amazing. In 1997 Pete found some other folks willing to go, so it was a done deal.

Pete did a total of four jumps. The last one did not go very well - Pete was spanning like a top while flipped upside down, which was a bit scary. He has not been again - but never say never again....

Here are the pictures


Skydive Texas.jpg (74236 bytes)
Skydive Texas


Porter.jpg (77642 bytes)
The Porter


Russia AN-2.jpg (60344 bytes)
Russia AN-2
Not used


Ted Ian Mark Angela Pete.jpg (64408 bytes)
Ted Ian Mark
Angela Pete


Ready to Go.jpg (55534 bytes)
Ready to go


13500 feet.jpg (63911 bytes)
13500 feet


David Dillard_Peter Hicks_Rick Duran.jpg (42747 bytes)
David Dillard
Peter Hicks
Rick Duran


Pete with divemasters.jpg (41089 bytes)
Pete with
the Divemasters


Awesome.jpg (43423 bytes)


5500 feet parachute coming out.jpg (50720 bytes)
5500 feet
Parachute coming out


Main Parachute is Out.jpg (46867 bytes)
Main Parachute is out


looking down.jpg (97759 bytes)
Looking Down


Still a way to go.jpg (102352 bytes)
Still a way to go


On the way.jpg (52164 bytes)
On the way


Coming down.jpg (53499 bytes)
Coming down


Nearly There.jpg (50748 bytes)
Nearly down


Touchdown.jpg (75935 bytes)
xmas 1997 01.jpg (66561 bytes)
Christmas 1997
xmas 1997 02.jpg (88693 bytes)
Christmas 1997
xmas 1997 03.jpg (41338 bytes)
Christmas 1997


If you are not totally bored, there is a 10MB video of the Pete's first skydive HERE.