Israel 2010 - Our Holyland Tour


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Lauri has always wanted to go to the Holyland. However she was worried about going because of all the security issues in the middle east. So,  Pete decided to take her. He organized the trip without her knowledge, and gave her a surprise at the last minute. So, she went because she had no time to worry about it - besides the tour was already paid for.

Pete chose to go at Easter because it coincided with his Dad's birthday party in England, and we could kill two birds with one stone (airfare actually).

We went with a church group called "Back to the Bible".

They used a tour company called "Maranatha Tours".

Here are our pictures, which basically outline the tour we did . It was all absolutely first class. Highly recommended.

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001.jpg (144816 bytes)
The "Orange Bus" group
002.jpg (97024 bytes)
Pete at Intercontinental
Hotel - Jericho


003.jpg (85329 bytes)
Checking maps on the
way to Masada
004.jpg (65059 bytes)
Masada was a Fortress
from 70-73AD
005.jpg (73111 bytes)
Cable car
Roman camp below


006.jpg (80366 bytes)
Our guide
Malcolm Cartier
007.jpg (65180 bytes)
Lauri with the
dead sea behind
008.jpg (67223 bytes)
View from top of
009.jpg (67978 bytes)
View from top of Masada
010.jpg (93725 bytes)
Malcolm in Synagogue
with Menorah


011.jpg (94606 bytes)
Fortress ruins at Masada
012.jpg (75828 bytes)
960 people died here
in mass suicide.  73AD
013.jpg (63283 bytes)
Alan & Lauri in
Byzantine Church
014.jpg (118590 bytes)
The Roman ramp
& breaching point
015.jpg (65214 bytes)
Lauri & Malcolm
at Qumran
016.jpg (101451 bytes)
Remains of the
Essenes village


017.jpg (89706 bytes)
A Bedouin boy found
the dead sea scrolls in
this cave during 1947
018.jpg (93637 bytes)
019.jpg (96067 bytes)
The dead sea. Lowest
place on Earth
1365 feet below sea level


020.jpg (83163 bytes)
Pete covered in mud
021.jpg (77757 bytes)
Lauri floating in the Dead Sea
This is 26% mineral
022.jpg (68149 bytes)
Pete floating in the dead sea
this is 8 times more saline
than the sea


023.jpg (91646 bytes)
Shopping for Hebron glass
in Jericho
024.jpg (102834 bytes)
Ancient ruins
& modern Jericho
025.jpg (70478 bytes)
Lauri at Jericho
026.jpg (76508 bytes)
Pete at Jericho
027.jpg (66323 bytes)
Trumpeter played
"Battle of Jericho"


028.jpg (103948 bytes)
Jericho was first settled
11,000 years ago
029.jpg (108748 bytes)
Ruins in layers
(Tel Jericho)
030.jpg (94264 bytes)
Oldest continually inhabited
city on earth
031.jpg (62534 bytes)
Woodrow Kroll's Lesson
032.jpg (126110 bytes)
ericho was important
because of water


033.jpg (100071 bytes)
Palestinian boy squeezed
orange juice for us


034.jpg (120537 bytes)
Zacchaeus climbed a
sycamore tree like this
035.jpg (77559 bytes)
Bet She'an
036.jpg (110719 bytes)
This was one on ten major
cities in Roman times
037.jpg (127598 bytes)
The main street in
Bet She'an
038.jpg (96736 bytes)
Bet She'an was excavated
around 1985
039.jpg (95466 bytes)
King Saul and his sons
were hung on the walls
of Bet She'an


040.jpg (102912 bytes)
Malcolm is very
041.jpg (118413 bytes)
Theatre of Scythopolis
042.jpg (118931 bytes)
Communal toilet
043.jpg (88642 bytes)
Where Jesus was
baptized by John


044.jpg (121531 bytes)
Lauri at the Jordan river
Baptismal place
045.jpg (129974 bytes)
View along the river Jordan
046.jpg (117256 bytes)
Pete in the river
047.jpg (56964 bytes)
View of sea of Galilee
048.jpg (75782 bytes)
Lauri at our hotel
in Tiiberius


049.jpg (115623 bytes)
Mike Rowe planed an 
olive tree in memorial to
his wife


050.jpg (67717 bytes)
Our hotel in Tiberius
051.jpg (78232 bytes)
Our boats on the
sea of Galilee
052.jpg (76435 bytes)
053.jpg (58950 bytes)
On the Sea of Galilee
054.jpg (69865 bytes)
055.jpg (109095 bytes)
Worship service on
the boat


056.jpg (91885 bytes)
Worship with
Tami Weissert
057.jpg (104679 bytes)
Lauri on the sea of Galilee


058.jpg (95018 bytes)
This is where many of
Jesus miracles occurred


059.jpg (42651 bytes)
060.jpg (40692 bytes)
Daniel Carmel - our Captain.
Also a songwriter
061.jpg (69262 bytes)
Daniel prepares
the fishing net


062.jpg (84466 bytes)
Casting the net like in
ancient times
063.jpg (74677 bytes)
Pete on the shore of the
Sea of Galilee
064.jpg (93586 bytes)
The Galilee boat.
About 2000 years old
065.jpg (138515 bytes)
Entrance to the church of 
The Primacy at Tabgha
066.jpg (106783 bytes)
Miracle of the loaves
and fishes was here
067.jpg (109627 bytes)
Church of the
Primacy of St Peter

068.jpg (90903 bytes)
Inside the church
069.jpg (132146 bytes)
Lauri collecting sea shells


070.jpg (89455 bytes)
Pete testing the water
071.jpg (111128 bytes)
Entrance to Capharnaum
072.jpg (122928 bytes)
Statue of St Peter and fish
073.jpg (131614 bytes)
View of Capharnaum
074.jpg (143112 bytes)
Millstone to grind grain
075.jpg (115892 bytes)
This was the center of
Jesus ministry
076.jpg (99130 bytes)
Roman Catholic church of
St Peter is above the
remains of St Peters house


077.jpg (141746 bytes)
Lauri was amazed at the
giant ficus tree
078.jpg (131018 bytes)
Rock Hyrak
also called Coney
079.jpg (116178 bytes)
Remains of 3rd or 4th
century Synagogue
ofat Caphnarnaum


080.jpg (101585 bytes)
Lauri listening to Malcolm
081.jpg (93128 bytes)
Lauri found a folded
prayer in the column


082.jpg (106369 bytes)
083.jpg (58003 bytes)
Malcolm on the
Mount of Beatitudes
084.jpg (97322 bytes)
This is a natural ampitheater
085.jpg (97852 bytes)
Jesus delivered Sermon
on the Mount here
086.jpg (95894 bytes)
Lauri is where
Jesus preached
087.jpg (108806 bytes)
Bethsaida - where Jesus
fed the multitude with
5 loaves and 2 fish


088.jpg (130179 bytes)
2000 years ago the Sea of
Galilee was much fuller
089.jpg (111679 bytes)
Israel spy Eli Cohen got the
Syrians to plant
Eucalyptus trees for shade


090.jpg (55261 bytes)
Laui at Bethsaida
091.jpg (77961 bytes)
We ate "St Peter Fish"
for lunch
092.jpg (69897 bytes)
Lauri at Noqeib
093.jpg (74443 bytes)
Malcolm says they believe
this is were Jesus drove
demons from a Gadarene
man in the swine


094.jpg (96954 bytes)
095.jpg (86009 bytes)
Lauri on the orange bus
096.jpg (112960 bytes)
Nazareth from the
Mount Precipice
097.jpg (67382 bytes)
Lauri on  Mount Precipice.
Jesus jumped off here to
escape his pursuers


098.jpg (80309 bytes)
Guys with valley of
Armageddon behind
099.jpg (83307 bytes)
Megiddo national park
100.jpg (131184 bytes)
Lauri at Megiddo
7000BC to 586AD
101.jpg (107935 bytes)
Ruins at Megiddo


102.jpg (107616 bytes)
Fortress built by
King Solomon
103.jpg (95224 bytes)
Doug photographs the
city gate
104.jpg (75635 bytes)
Woodrow Kroll's Sermon
on Armageddon
105.jpg (59962 bytes)
Pete & Lauri above the
valley of Armageddon

106.jpg (95917 bytes)
183 steps down to the
water system
107.jpg (94530 bytes)
Malcolm shows us a
horse trough
108.jpg (109203 bytes)
One of the best
roadside tombs
109.jpg (82369 bytes)
Muhraka monastery
on Mount Carmel
110.jpg (54298 bytes)
Inside Monastery
111.jpg (114492 bytes)
Malcolm shows us the
Carab tree.  Also
known as Locust tree


112.jpg (68746 bytes)
On the roof of the
113.jpg (85345 bytes)
Lauri looking over the
valley of Armageddon
114.jpg (84308 bytes)
So is Pete
'115.jpg (76701 bytes)
Statue of "The Good
Shepherd" at Caesarea.
It is said the shepherd 
would break a lambs
leg then help it heal.
Because of the long healing
time, the lamb would
remember the shepherd
as a good helper


116.jpg (59122 bytes)
Pete at Caesarea
117.jpg (82443 bytes)
Roman Ampitheater
118.jpg (101635 bytes)
Lauri in the theater
119.jpg (102982 bytes)
Caesarea was built by
Herod of Great


120.jpg (105050 bytes)
Remains of Olympic
size swimming pool
121.jpg (58060 bytes)
An earthquake sank
parts of the city into
the Mediterranean


122.jpg (69869 bytes)
Remains of the
Where they had
chariot races


123.jpg (108659 bytes)
Mosaic floor remains
124.jpg (100707 bytes)
125.jpg (107586 bytes)
Doug & Pete
126.jpg (85962 bytes)
Remains at Caesarea used
to provide shade


127.jpg (71595 bytes)
Roman Aquaduct
at Caesarea
128.jpg (104701 bytes)
The Aquaduct was
12 miles long
129.jpg (65014 bytes)
Built by Herod the Great
25 - 13 BC
130.jpg (63023 bytes)
Lauri the Photographer
131.jpg (75177 bytes)
Easter Sunday Sunrise
on the Mount of Olives


132.jpg (75250 bytes)
Easter service by
Woodrow Kroll
133.jpg (96385 bytes)
Easter Service


134.jpg (104174 bytes)
Bigger view
135.jpg (53891 bytes)
Pete with Temple Mount
136.jpg (57753 bytes)
Dennis & Doug
137.jpg (73790 bytes)
Hasidic Jews near the
Western wall
in Jerusalem


138.jpg (81028 bytes)
Boys on Easter Sunday
139.jpg (89502 bytes)
Women's section of the
western wall
140.jpg (115694 bytes)

Men's section

141.jpg (115051 bytes)
Heads must be covered
at the wall
142.jpg (98210 bytes)
Handwritten prayers are
placed in cracks
of the wall


143.jpg (68968 bytes)
Pete and Lauri at Temple
Mount, Jerusalem
145.jpg (177021 bytes)
Close up of the windows.
144.jpg (88108 bytes)
Temple Mount is
Muslim now

Its said the wall closest to
us contains the face of
the devil  >>>
146.jpg (87011 bytes)
Judge for yourself


147.jpg (62635 bytes)
Russian Orthodox Church
of Mary Magdalene
148.jpg (76257 bytes)
Mount of Olives
from Jerusalem
149.jpg (96451 bytes)
Lions Gate
150.jpg (109482 bytes)
Damascus Gate
Built 1537

151.jpg (126721 bytes)
The Israel Museum
152.jpg (88639 bytes)
Big model of Jerusalem
153.jpg (90986 bytes)
Pete & Lauri
154.jpg (51313 bytes)
The Dead Sea Scrolls
are displayed here


155.jpg (98346 bytes)
Church of the Nativity
156.jpg (96325 bytes)
Inside the Church
157.jpg (100918 bytes)
Looking towards the
Alter and the entrance
to the Grotto

158.jpg (120499 bytes)
The poor box
159.jpg (89574 bytes)
Inside the Grotto
of the Nativity 
160.jpg (101764 bytes)
The Grotto is below
the Church
161.jpg (83973 bytes)
Lady worships the
Silver Star
162.jpg (67349 bytes)
This is believed to be the
birthplace of Jesus
163.jpg (119107 bytes)
The Church at Emmaus
164.jpg (61124 bytes)
Woodrow Kroll tells us
about the meeting on the
road to Emmaus


165.jpg (75502 bytes)
Inside the Church
166.jpg (130846 bytes)
Jesus appearing to
Cleopas & Friend shown
in stained glass


167.jpg (75049 bytes)
The upper room at
Mount Zion
168.jpg (90103 bytes)
Inside the upper room
169.jpg (81052 bytes)
This was the place of
the last supper


170.jpg (66611 bytes)
Malcolm suggested
seating arrangement
171.jpg (102180 bytes)
Tomb of King David
172.jpg (88076 bytes)
Our last hotel -
Intercontinental Bethlehem
173.jpg (89690 bytes)
Lauri in the Jewish
Cemetery on the
Mount of Olives
174.jpg (58719 bytes)
Temple mount from
Dominus Flevit


175.jpg (116147 bytes)
Garden of Gethsemane
176.jpg (91167 bytes)
The garden is in the
grounds of the
church of all nations


177.jpg (98698 bytes)
Church of all Nations
178.jpg (110837 bytes)
Via Delorosa
Way of the Cross
179.jpg (155584 bytes)
Pool of Bethesda
180.jpg (132721 bytes)
Chapel of the Flagellation
where Jesus was
sentenced to death


181.jpg (74341 bytes)
Inside the Chapel of the


182.jpg (79519 bytes)
Inside the Chapel of the
183.jpg (110713 bytes)
Via Delorosa
184.jpg (91973 bytes)
Via Delorosa
185.jpg (110712 bytes)
There were 14
Stations of the Cross
in Via Delorosa

186.jpg (95077 bytes)
Via Delorosa
187.jpg (78118 bytes)
Jerusalem Cross
188.jpg (76532 bytes)
Church of the
Holy Sepulcher
189.jpg (83526 bytes)
Church of the
Holy Sepulchre
190.jpg (107977 bytes)
Church of the
Holy Sepulchre


191.jpg (108584 bytes)
Golgotha is where
Jesus was crucified
192.jpg (151880 bytes)
Golgotha - Skull
193.jpg (100662 bytes)
The Garden  Tomb


194.jpg (89702 bytes)
Inside the Garden Tomb
195.jpg (91804 bytes)
Entrance to Palestine
196.jpg (77523 bytes)
403 mile long wall at
the West Bank


197.jpg (75143 bytes)
Graffiti on the Palestinian
side of the wall
198.jpg (93161 bytes)
Graffiti on the Palestinian
side of the wall
199.jpg (78948 bytes)
"Shepherds Field"
restaurant - Bethlehem
200.jpg (83704 bytes)
Lauri Pete Dennis
Fred Doug


It was a great trip.
We made some fantastic new friends.


The End