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Hi, welcome to our little piece of cyberspace. Pete is English, and Lauri was born and bred in Texas. We met when Pete was in Dallas on a six month work trip. One thing led to another and we have been married since 1996.

Pete is an equipment engineer (nerd) and works in the semiconductor industry.

Lauri is more people orientated and is a Registered Nurse.

We both enjoy doing active things.


Pete & Lauri
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Our House

This photograph shows the front of our house. Lauri hates the Antenna on the roof. However Pete wanted to put a big tower in the back garden. The roof antenna was a reasonable compromise.

We have had a number of visitors to our garden, including this opossum, a beautiful owl and armadillo.

I've also included some White Rock Lake visitors.


opossom.jpg (135887 bytes) Visitor in our Birdbath. Sept 1999.jpg (807082 bytes) armadillo.jpg (216056 bytes)
GPS - Our House








Coyote.jpg (94621 bytes) goose.jpg (49366 bytes) squirrel.jpg (42798 bytes) pelicans.jpg (58015 bytes)
White Rock - Coyote White Rock - Goose White Rock - Squirrel White Rock Lake
American White Pelicans



Hicks Genealogy & History

Hicks is an old Anglo-Saxon name from Yorkshire, where the family owned a feudal manor before 1000 AD.

Hicks is a patronymic name derived from son of Richard; the given name Richard became especially popular during the reign of Richard the Lion-hearted. Richard is derived from Old German "ric", meaning power, and "hard", meaning brave, and its pet names include Dick/Dixon, Hick/Hickson (English), and Ric/Rix (French), with Hix a common variation in Hicks genealogy.

The Hicks motto "tout en bon heure" means all in good time.

In Hicks family history, a notable name-holder was Sir John Richard Hicks, a Nobel Prize-winning economist. (........ and I thought it was N5KD).







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