Our Visit to England

Easter 2002

This is David and Sarah, at their house. They are wearing their school uniforms.


I think Dave is as tall as me. Here we are at Capstone park.
We went to Chatham Ski Center.
We all had good fun.


It looks like Sarah had a great time. She could ski very well.
We also went to Chatham dock yards. Here is Dave in the control room of the submarine HMS Ocelet.


Dave and Sarah got their Easter eggs early
We all went swimming at The Splash on Sunday morning. I love Curry. We had to go to Twydall Tandori so I could have one.


Our Visit to England

May 2003

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Family at Chatham
Dry Ski Center


Sarah on the
Dry Ski Slope
Dave at Margate
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Pete's Uncle & Aunt
Jack & Kath


Pete's Uncle & Aunt
George & Sheila
Shire Horses at the
Royal Bath & West Show
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The "White Helmets"
Motor Cycle Display Team


Dave at Portland The Royal Air Force
"Red Arrows"
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Pete with Sarah & Dave


Lauri with Sarah Biggin Hill Air Display
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The Battle of Britain
Memorial Flight
A Royal Air Force Tornado
put on a great display
A Lancaster
One of only two flying




Our Visit to England

August 2004

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Cadgwith Cove
Fishing Fleet


All day in
this boat.
To collect
Lobster Pots
Glastonbury.jpg (53443 bytes) Haytor.jpg (63968 bytes) Kayack.jpg (59016 bytes)
The view from
Glastonbury Tor


Our Family on top
of Haytor (Devon)
We went Kayaking
at Looe
Lands_end1.jpg (35166 bytes) Lands_end2.jpg (46822 bytes) Minack.jpg (53902 bytes)
Land's End


Land's End


Minack Theatre


Marconi_rx.jpg (46553 bytes) Marconi_tx.jpg (51092 bytes) Sarah_Dive.jpg (31931 bytes)
Receiver at Marconi Stn
The Lizard
Spark Gap Transmitter
at the Marconi Stn
Sarah went diving
in Cadgwith Cove