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Dave Hicks & his Girlfriend Chloe Bristow
were in Australia for a Year - 2012



Australia00.jpg (66176 bytes)
Dave Grape Picking
Silos Vineyard
Berry, NSW

Australia12.jpg (179697 bytes)
Chloe Grape Picking
Silos Vineyard


Australia11.jpg (120913 bytes)
Dave & Chloe
bought a Ford Falcon


Australia13.jpg (109232 bytes)
Watching Movies at
Jasper Hill winery


Australia07.jpg (72978 bytes)
Sydney, Australia


Australia08.jpg (87260 bytes)
Chloe & Dave
Sydney Opera House


Australia06.jpg (81201 bytes)
Sydney Opera House


Great Ocean Road.jpg (38086 bytes)
Dave on the
Great Ocean Road


Australia10.jpg (87710 bytes)
The Great Ocean Road


Australia09.jpg (68804 bytes)
The Great Ocean Road


Great Ocean Road 1.jpg (65413 bytes)
Chloe on the
Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road 2.jpg (81024 bytes)
Dave on the
Great Ocean Road


Uluru01.jpg (97660 bytes)
Uluru - Ayres Rock


Uluru02.jpg (89798 bytes)
Uluru - Ayres Rock


Uluru03.jpg (101962 bytes)
Uluru - Ayres Rock


Uluru04.jpg (79113 bytes)
Uluru - Ayres Rock


Kingscanyon1.jpg (142751 bytes)
Kings Canyon


Kingscanyon2.jpg (155891 bytes)
Kings Canyon


Kingscanyon3.jpg (137797 bytes)
Kings Canyon


Kingscanyon4.jpg (126265 bytes)
Kings Canyon


Australia05.jpg (37130 bytes)
Mothers Day 2012


Queens Meadow Caravan Park Roos.jpg (142166 bytes)
Kangaroos at Queens
Meadow Caravan Park


Kaola.jpg (107007 bytes)
Koala at Queens
Meadow Caravan Park


Queens Meadow Caravan Park.jpg (138298 bytes)
Possom at Queens
Meadow Caravan Park


Outback road.jpg (84299 bytes)
Long Road

Australia04.jpg (91310 bytes)
Tractor at Morella Farm


Australia03.jpg (87700 bytes)
Chloe near Boggabilla


Australia01.jpg (101798 bytes)
Dave the Man


Tractor.jpg (86681 bytes)
Cotton Farmer Dave


tractor back.jpg (84809 bytes)
The Tractor


Cotton.jpg (137720 bytes)
Calf with the cotton


Cotton2.jpg (99526 bytes)
Morella Cotton Farm


Morrella Farm.jpg (210947 bytes)
Morella Farm


Bells Beach.jpg (71903 bytes)
Bells Beach


Koala.jpg (251378 bytes)


Driver Dave.jpg (59773 bytes)
Driver Dave


Skydive.jpg (156364 bytes)
Chloe went Skydiving


Steak.jpg (113203 bytes)
Steak at Morella Farm


Murry Falls.jpg (211900 bytes)
Murry Falls

Wallaman Falls.jpg (148928 bytes)
Wallaman Falls


skydive2.jpg (9219 bytes)
Chloe Skydiving


Airle2.jpg (122059 bytes)
Airle Beach


Airle3.jpg (101260 bytes)
Airle Beach


Airle1.jpg (82526 bytes)
Airle Beach


Airle4.jpg (105058 bytes)
Airle Beach

gbr2.jpg (93791 bytes)
Cairns Harbour


gbr3.jpg (49293 bytes)
Dave & Chloe

gbr4.jpg (83670 bytes)
Chloe- New Scuba Diver


gbr5.jpg (122916 bytes)
By the dive boat

gbr7.jpg (92006 bytes)
Scary.... Yeah.

gbr6.jpg (152765 bytes)
Dave & Chloe
gbr1.jpg (104785 bytes)
Chloe & Dave


Sarahs Birthday.jpg (71328 bytes)
For Sarah's Birthday

Tully River.jpg (165347 bytes)
Extreme water rafting

Tully River 2.jpg (182904 bytes)
At Tully River
Rainbow Beach.jpg (69089 bytes)
Rainbow Beach


White Haven 1.jpg (88287 bytes)
White Haven


White Haven 2.jpg (58445 bytes)
White Haven


White Haven 3.jpg (37167 bytes)
White Haven


White Haven 4.jpg (32029 bytes)
White Haven


Fraser Island 1.jpg (73061 bytes)
Fraser Island


Fraser Island 2.jpg (62263 bytes)
Fraser Island

Fraser Island 3.jpg (189812 bytes)
Fraser Island

Fraser Island 4.jpg (173934 bytes)
Fraser Island


Milaa Milla Waterfalls 2.jpg (153840 bytes)
Milaa Milaa Waterfalls

Roo.jpg (76635 bytes)


Couple.jpg (99493 bytes)
Dave & Chloe


oz2012.jpg (119601 bytes)
Happy Days


Milaa Milla Waterfalls 1.jpg (199857 bytes)
Milaa Milla Waterfalls


Finch Hatton 2.jpg (109424 bytes)
Finch Hatton Gorge


Finch Hatton 1.jpg (139046 bytes)
Finch Hatton Gorge


Swim.jpg (158489 bytes)
Cooling off
zoo3.jpg (189905 bytes)
Australia Zoo


zoo2.jpg (40634 bytes)
Australia Zoo


zoo1.jpg (134337 bytes)
Australia Zoo


zoo4.jpg (113191 bytes)
Australia Zoo


Klama1.jpg (156425 bytes)


Klama2.jpg (115694 bytes)


Nimbin1.jpg (53300 bytes)


Nimbin2.jpg (172553 bytes)


Miss you.jpg (73244 bytes)
Miss You too


Camberwarra.jpg (175434 bytes)
Near Camberwarra
Birthday2.jpg (194037 bytes)
Happy Birthday
Birthday.jpg (96773 bytes)
Chloes Birthday

Manly Beach.jpg (154003 bytes)
Parasailing at Manly Beach

Manly Beach 2.jpg (80778 bytes)
Manly Beach
Keep Left.jpg (109667 bytes)
Drive on the left
sold.jpg (48582 bytes)
Car Sold - Going Home


Come to Australia - Song